Volunteer Opportunities

No matter how much or how little time you have, it is possible to be involved.  There are many different events and programs that will benefit from your efforts.  The best reward is having your child see you at school supporting their education and having fun!


We also offer a variety of ways for you to be involved or donate supplies for events even if your schedule does not allow you to be on campus.  Not all families are able to volunteer time at school - we understand that and strive to offer opportunities for everyone.


Please note that Fountain Valley School District policy mandates that ALL volunteers must have a current TB skin test on file in the school’s health office before they are able to volunteer with our students.  This test must have been given within the last four years.  Please contact the school for further information on this policy and how to submit your paperwork.


Volunteer opportunities are all accessed through the open form page in the midway down the page in the section titled "Volunteer Opportunities" To see a list of all open volunteer opportunities, simply click here.





 Thank you so much for your time!

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