There is currently no information, regarding the 2021/2022 school year

The information below is from the 2019/2020 school year as reference only

5th Grade Field Trips:

The 5th Grade Class of 2020 has many exciting activities and field trips planned this year.  Courreges PTA has been a very important factor in keeping these programs alive and funded for our students. And as you may already know, with new laws in place, schools may no longer require families to pay for school activities, only donations can be requested. 

  • Outdoor Education:  Cost per student = $300 (plus $60 transportation cost)
  • All other 5th grade activities and field trips will be funded with general PTA funds.
  • Total suggested donation = $360 per student


For any questions about donations please contact our class of 2020 5th grade coordinator:

Christine Nguyen ctn.rx.2011@gmail.com


Outdoor Education

Courreges students and staff have enjoyed the tradition of attending Arrowhead Ranch for more than 9 years.  Their time away at camp is not only educational, but a time of personal growth, development, and independence. 


Class of 2020 camp dates: Tuesday March 24 - Friday March 27


In this immersive program, children will hike, hear, see, feel, touch and smell science ideas and concepts outside of the classroom. They are able to interact with nature and their surroundings. The hands-on alternative learning style is very effective in internalizing these science concepts into the lives of the children.

The Outdoor Science School science education program emphasizes:

* The biological sciences
* The earth sciences
* Conservation and wise use of natural resources
* Recreation, arts, crafts and music
* Health education
* Cooperative living


Specific science classes include Botany, Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology/Water Cycle, Ecology, Habitats & Adaptations, Energy, Native American Studies, and the Night Hike which covers many nocturnal science ideas and principles.


For more information on Arrowhead Ranch, please visit: http://arrowheadkidscamp.com 



helpful tidbits

  • Send 2 pieces of baggage – one suitcase (with their name on it) and one trash bag with name on it for their sleeping bag (or sheets and blanket for a twin bed) and pillow and put a second trash bag with their name on it for the return trip home
  • OK to send a disposable camera with name on it. They don’t recommend a digital or standard camera
  • Thursday night is skit night.
  • Showers are only  3 minutes long so start practicing
  • They are not in cabins – it’s one big building with a main hall and rooms off of it with bathrooms.
  • Buffet style meals – can have as much as they want as long as they clean their plate each time.
  • Drink lots of water – 5 bottles a day.
  • Send no food or snacks, they will be confiscated.
  • Medications – see forms on website – they do have over the counter meds available to students – if your student takes prescriptions you’ll need to have your doctor sign a form – form is above.
  • Pills/Inhalers/Epi-pens must be in the original container – if sending pills – just send enough for the week in the original bottle
  • No electronics.
  • Multiple schools will be there - they're only together for meals.
  • Showers are in buildings not outside.  
  • Students choose rooming assignments but teachers regulate it and make adjustments. 
  • Teachers will be with them and participate in the activities
  • Suggested mailing letters to them a few days before they leave as mail is slow on the mountain – keep it upbeat and happy and not how much you are missing them to lessen any homesickness. Mailing address is above. 
  • Packing list, consent forms, RX forms are above. 


Other 5th grade activities funded by the pta

Walk Through the American Revolution, Knott's Berry Farm/Independence Hall, Duck's First Flight, Eco Science, the Philharmonic, End of Year Celebration, and the Pancake Breakfast.

corporate matching

Does your company do corporate matching?  Find out more information HERE and is if they can help with your donation.

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