About Courreges Elementary PTA

We are a group of parents, educators, grandparents, and staff who act in harmony for the educational benefit and well being of the children at Courreges.  We are a passionate group of individuals: men and women, full-time workers and stay-at-home parents, with families large and small reflecting the diversity of our community and student body.


2018/2019 Committee Chairs Needed


We have a great Executive Board in place for next year but have a few committee positions we still need to fill.  If you want to get your toes wet in volunteering at the school, this is the way to go.  We have the previous chairs to guide you through the process for each position.


Hospitality: This chair coordinator helps supply our General Association meetings with light snacks and drinks, as well as oversees our Veterans Day donuts/coffee for our guests and any other guests we may have over the course of the year. Our first day of school coffee meet & greet's refreshments are also organized by the Hospitality team. You will work with a budget for the entire year. 


Reflections Co-Chair: We are looking for someone to shadow our current Reflections Chair, Denise Jerge, as next year will be her last year here at Courreges. Reflections is such an amazing PTA program that is growing every year. 



Veteran's Day Assembly: This will be our 4th Veteran's Day Assembly.  This is one of the easier events to run.  Update flyer to invite veterans, coordinate with hospitality, and inventory and distribute flags to classes and other ideas that you may have. 


Holiday Shop Co-Chair: We are looking to have this year's Holiday/Candy Cane shop over the course of a few days. Lunch and recess are the perfect time for kiddos to come in and shop-so its not so crazy on the day of Winterfest:)


Science Day/Astronomy Night - This is typically held in January,  it is a day where we have a daytime assembly and some night time activities all things SCIENCE related!




End of Year Carnival: We need a party planner for this Courreges tradition! Grab a friend and tag team it!



 Please contact Alina Newton if you have any questions @ courregesptapres@gmail.com



Our Main Objectives:

  • Raise & allocate funds for the educational enrichment of our children

  • Hold events that help create a sense of community & encourage family involvement

  • Help facilitate communication between families and the school


Our board for the 2018/2019 school year

Executive Board

Name / Contact

President Alina Newton
1st VP Membership

Gaby Dotts

Jen Jones

2nd VP Ways & Means Christine Nguyen
3rd VP Communications//website Nikki Sherwood
Parliamentarian Heidi Nguyen
Treasurer Kelsey Jepsen
Recording Secretary Sandy Cox
Financial Secretary Bessie Kozinski
Auditor Ali Cassara
Historian Anneke White


Our Meetings are held in the MPR - please join us

  • Tuesday, September 25th  - Budget and Calendar Approved
  • Tuesday, November 27th -
  • Tuesday, January 22nd -Nominating Committee Elected
  • Tuesday, March 26th - Elections 
  • Tuesday, May 28th  - Preliminary Budget Approved
  • Tuesday, June 11th-