Courreges PTA Honorary Service Award Program

We are so fortunate to have wonderful volunteer support at our school!  The Honorary Service Award is a formal recognition and way to show appreciation for our dedicated volunteers and community members who make a difference for our kids every day.  Nomination forms are accepted throughout the school year.  Each month's HSA nominees will be announced and recognized in our PTA email newsletter and on our website homepage.


In the last few months of the school year, the PTA Honorary Service Awards Committee votes on the final awardees from the pool of submissions.  HSA winners are announced in June.


Nomination forms are accepted throughout the school year.  The deadline for final nominations for the 2021/2022 school year is TBA.


Do you know someone who has made a difference at Courreges?  

Please help us recognize their unique contributions!


Click here to download the HSA form.


To submit your completed form, please email it to our PTA President at


Thank you so much for helping us recognize the people who make our school special!


Congratulations to our Past HSA winners!


An Rasmussen

Deanna Beaman



Sandy O'Toole



Alina Newton

Karen Durst for the Courreges Life Time Service Award



Denise Jerge

Brigitte Bellew

Bessie Kozinski

Connie Ramirez, ESP Director




Erica Bauer

Erica Lundquist

Christine & Tam Nguyen


2015/2016 School Year

Susan Castellanos

David Truong


2014/2015 School Year

Melissa Blake

Mrs. Epling

Hang Harper


2013/2014 School Year
If you know, please email us at


2012/2013 School Year
Cynthia Bandaruk

CC Nelson

Mrs. Whalen

Mrs. Ostovarpour


2011/2012 School Year

Monica Maytorena

Cathy Griffin

Sarah Svartstrom

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